No More Ice Cream! These Frozen Desserts Are Indulgent, Easy To Make, And Totally Hit The Spot!

Heard of healthy desserts? Here is a list!

Summer is the one time we can indulge in cool, decadent frozen desserts whenever we feel like it. After all the sun is beating down on us mercilessly and we need a respite! So indulge your children and make a new delicious dessert every day. We have compiled a list of easy to make frozen dessert recipes that play around with your favourite tastes, flavoured yoghurts, and fruits. Add a healthy twist to your basic frozen desserts and you have a great treat ready to savour!  You can even get your kids involved and make an activity of it.

Frozen desserts give a similar ice cream experience in terms of taste, pleasure and experience. While dairy fats, used in ice cream are a source of saturated fats and trans – fats – the bad fats which can have a negative impact on our health, frozen desserts on the other hand use vegetable fat/ oil which have far lesser saturated fat and zero trans fats. Frozen desserts and ice cream have many ingredients in common. Both can contain milk solids, sweetening agents such as sugar or liquid glucose, stabilisers/emulsifiers, colours and flavours.

They differ, however, in the type of oil/fats and (sometimes) proteins: ice creams contain only dairy protein and dairy fats, whereas frozen desserts can contain dairy or vegetable proteins.

Strawberry Waffle Sandwich

A fun twist to normal waffles, this recipe will leave you wanting more!  Fill some strawberry flavoured cream between two waffles and dip into melted white chocolate sauce. Sprinkle some rainbow sprinklers and let your kids indulge. A super delicious waffle frozen dessert ready in minutes! Strawberry-Waffle-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-frozen desserts

Choco Taco Serve your favourite chocolate frozen dessert with a Mexican twist. Fill tacos with some frozen dessert cream. Pour chocolate sauce and sprinkle some peanuts. Let it freeze for a while. Enjoy your delicious bite size dessert sundae.

choco taco frozen dessert

Mango Sorbet Dreamsicle Dessert Recipe

With mango season in full swing we couldn’t give a miss to this refreshing recipe which we totally recommend. Celebrate the mango season while it lasts with this homemade mango sorbet wrapped around classic vanilla flavours and served with fresh raspberries.


S’mores Frozen Dessert Recipes

This is one loaded frozen dessert recipe with all our favourite elements in it. Stuff crackers with a big chunk of frozen cream, roasted marshmallows and chocolate. Slip it into the freezer and dig into this delicious treat once its frozen.

smores frozen dessert

Frozen Dessert Cone Cake

Take a break from regular cakes and try this easy frozen dessert cone cake. Butter the sides of a cheese cake tin. Add layer of crushed cookies, fudge sauce, vanilla-caramel and chocolate cream. Drizzle some chocolate sauce and sprinkle some sea salt. Top it with scoops of your favourite frozen cream and finally place waffle cones upside down. What a treat!

icecrean cone cake frozen dessert

Berry Frozen Dessert

Berry lovers can’t give a miss to this one. Layers of digestive biscuits and strawberry flavoured cream cheese topped with fresh berries will make you want more of this sinful frozen dessert.

Strawberry frozen dessert

Yoghurt Popsicle 

A perfect and healthy breakfast dessert recipe for all the health conscious people who can’t compromise on their sweet tooth. You can’t resist this beautiful blend of Greek yogurt and your favourite seasonal fruits. A super healthy and refreshing treat to kick start your summer mornings.

yogurt popsicle frozen dessert  

Freezer Pops

Combine crushed cookies, chocolate candy and crushed peanut butter cups and add a layer at the bottom of a paper cup. In a bowl mix your favourite flavoured cream and the remaining cookie- chocolate mix. Fill the paper cup with the mix. Let it freeze. Tear of the cup and serve.


Neapolitan Sandwich Cake

Simply layer your favourite flavoured cream with generous layers of crushed chocolate cookie to create a super delicious frozen dessert. 


Praline Sandwiches Simply sandwich a generous scoop of softened praline cream between chocolate wafers and roll the sides in chopped pecans. A quick and easy recipe to satisfy the urgent needs of your sweet tooth.

Praline Ice Cream_kidsstoppress

Strawberry Frozen Dessert Sandwiches

A simple one step procedure to get your hands on this yummy dessert is to sandwich a scoop of strawberry frozen dessert between your favourite crisp cookies. If you are a health freak use any cream cracker or digestive biscuits. A perfect bite size dessert to control your portions.

strawberry-ice cream-sandwich_kidsstoppress

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