One Mistake Parents Make & How We Can Change It

Our jobs as parents is to guide our children and not hypocritical. Here are a few parenting trends we often fall for when we are discipling our child.

It’s a confusing world to try and make sense of for children.

Our job as parents is to support and guide them through it, and yet I can’t help but notice how often common parenting practices make things a whole lot more confusing. It seems like we always make it extreme – either we treat them as adults and expect a lot out of them or we treat them like babies and forget that they are growing up and can understand if reasoned out well. 

We constantly ask in anxiety or pain, what is the best for our children? What if they fail? What if they won't learn how to get up? What if they are not well behaved. We forget to allow them to be human and express themselves the way they want to. We constantly contradict ourselves. And what’s more? Some of the ‘rules’ we have for children are just downright unfair and hypocritical. Because guess what, we are the same as them. 

So, lets allow them to express how they feel. Let them communicate. Lets be the role model we want our children to grow up. Lets be fair. 

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