Online Learning During Lockdown: Is It The New Normal? Fatema Agarkar

Since online learning is the new normal, do you think children, parents, and teachers are coping well with this? Tune in to watch Fatema Agarkar, an educationist answer what is the right age for children to start online learning, how should parents homeschool their children, are Indian schools ready for this, how is online schooling going to benefit children, how much screen time is too much and more.

We are facing a world crisis and the many changes in our lives can get overwhelming. Each day is a new day and feeling anxious is the new normal.  We are pretty sure the answer is yes for many. So the next question is – how do we expect our children to adapt to online learning so quickly or for schools to adapt to this form of learning without any glitches so quickly. 

Parents – we understand your plight and I know many of you are thinking, is this safe environment for my child to learn? Is my child going to regress in school? How are we going to match up the standards of school when homeschooling and more. Every house is a school, every parent is a teacher and COVID-19 is going to impact on education and students.

We spoke to Fatema Agarkar, an educationist and she talks to us about the impact of online learning on kids and how parents fill the gap. Scroll down and find out!

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