Paediatric Dentist Shares 7 Home Remedies For Teething

Is your baby putting everything in his/her mouth and crying for no reason? They could be starting the teething process. This expert helps you ease that journey!

Just when the mother feels she has got a hold of her infant is when the crying starts, without cause. Teeth are entering the gummy building! The helplessness a mother faces when her little one is teething and in pain is quite harrowing her too. They keep rubbing their gums, putting everything in their mouth and sometimes start a fever. They don’t want to eat and it’s such a difficult phase. Many times mothers have requested prescriptions for medicines to ease out their child’s discomfort.

So, here are 7 home remedies you can use to help your child without the need for medicines.

1. Solid foods:

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Unknown to many, teeth only start coming in when the gums receive the pressure of solid foods. This pushes the teeth out. Stop the mashed food and let them chew on clean raw vegetables.

2. Chill it out!

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Hand them solid food items, which are frozen in the fridge for 10-15 min. The solid food counters the pressure of the erupting tooth and the cold eases out the discomfort and soothes the irritable gums.

3. Natural Teether

Frozen whole carrots that given to chew on not only reduces the teething pain but also ensures the jaw growth of your child.

4. Mix and Match Foods

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Giving solid foods through the day and soft foods in the night balance the irritable jaw of the child.

5. Tried A Spoonful?!

Try giving children chilled steel spoons to chew on. The sturdy spoon with the ice effect works wonders for many toddlers.

6. I Love Yogurt!

Adding slightly sweetened yoghurt as a frozen lollipop distracts the child from the pain as they like its sweet taste and the cold reduces the teething pain.

7. Natural Help:

Not only paediatric dentists but also mothers swear by Calcarea phosphorica. These homoeopathy self-dissolving safe tablets have shown to ease the child’s pain and are found to be tasty to many kids.

Though these tricks work, it is mandatory to have a paediatric dentist look at your child’s jaw before these tricks are used. Last but not least, mommy’s touch is magic and is what always soothes a child’s pain. Gentle massages around the jaws as directed by the child teeth specialist can be very beneficial. The last resort is medications, which can be prescribed by a paediatrician after the paediatric dentist’s consent.

P.S: All home remedies to be tried only when you are around the child.

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