Parents: This Is How You Can Deal With Exam Stress

We all get stressed the moment we see the date sheet and the syllabus and then the countless hours of trying to get the kids to study and study ourselves. We thought we would help destress with some laughter!

Done biting your nails and are you now chewing your fingers? Or are you waking up in cold sweats throughout the night? The exam season has started and we know how hard it can get not just for kids, but for their parents too! Remember your children need your help and support during exams and as parents, you got to make sure you are available and appear absolutely stress-free to your kids. A tough task we know, but hey no one said parenting was easy!

5  Steps To Make Sure You Remain Stress-free This Exam Season

1. Listen to Pink Floyd’s famous song “We don’t need no education” twice a day, before lunch and dinner.

double negative

2. Take this oath today. When I  meet my child’s friend during the exam preparation leave, I will not ask her/him “Beta how many chapters have you finished studying?”  


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3. Dig out your school mark sheets and ask yourself this question “How many times has an employer asked me why I did so badly on my Geography paper?”


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4. Open a Twitter account and start following these famous names Mary Kom, Kajol, Sachin Tendulkar, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg. All of these famous college dropouts proved that a degree is not a passport to success.


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5.  Every time you feel an urge to nag your kid to revise one more time, read this out loud to yourself and don’t forget to share it on Whatsapp.


6. Save this as a screensaver on your phone – this will keep you from using (overusing) the phrase, “Your future depends on your exam result.” child labour

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Here’s wishing you and your children all the very best to sail through the exam season! Just remember, breathe… 

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