Picky Eaters & What Parents Can Do From Early Childhood

In Keep It Real today we talked to Dr Sanjeeva Reddy & Nonita Mehta about picky eaters, the role of supplements, the impact of artificial sweeteners on your child’s health and more. Do check out what they have to say!

Good nutrition is essential for growing children since that is the period of rapid development and activity for them. Children need proper nutrients to stay healthy and strong. But kids don’t always eat what they are given and the concept of food has evolved over time. 

The traditional thali was a balanced meal that has been replaced by finding quicker and easier meal ideas since everyone is stretched for time. And that has led to parents being anxious about their child’s growth and development and looking for vitamin supplement options.

Do you remember a time when the only supplement for kids in most households came in a doggy bottle. But now the supplements market for kids and adults has just exploded.

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress got together with Dr Sanjeeva Reddy, Consultant Paediatric ICU & Neonatology at Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru and Nonita Mehta, Director- Fundoze to get some answers. They talked about

  • Picky eaters and what parents can do from early childhood
  • Importance of knowing the kind of supplements a child needs
  • Reading labels on the back of a bottle
  • Vitamin D and B12 deficiencies
  • How artificial sweeteners and flavours can affect kids

and more

Dr Reddy laid great emphasis on the fact that we need to provide developmentally appropriate support for the kids to have healthy eating habits and that should be done from a young age. 

We also spoke to Nonita Mehta about the role of artificial sweeteners in their supplements and she was very clear that artificial sweeteners weren’t even an option especially when it came to supplements for kids since they are aware of the effects it has on a child’s health. Benefits of natural supplements and enforcing quality supplements over trend-based consumption. (You can check out their product range here ). We’re sure this is one interview every parent needs to listen to today!

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