2022’s Most Popular & Traditional Indian Baby Boy Names

These are some of the popular traditional boy names parents are loving this year. Check them out if you are a new parent or parent-to-be
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William Shakespeare said – ‘What’s in a name?’ – well, so much!

Who knows it better than a new mom or an expecting mom. How exciting it is to decide on a unique baby name for your newborn. Are you an expecting mom & looking for baby name ideas?

When you’re expecting a new baby, picking a name is one of the most important items to check off of the to-do list before your little bundle arrives. if you’re looking for a unique name that’s sure to stand out from the rest.

Kidstoppress.com has curated a list of names for you to pick one from for your newborn baby. If you want to check out popular boy names in 2021 and 2020 you can get that there.

Here’s a list of 2022 best Indian baby boy names.

Aarul – the grace of God, blessing of God

Aakil – intelligent, smart

Aanav – humane

Aarav – a loud sound or thundering

Abhik -beloved, fearless

Aekansh – unique

Aarush – the Sun

Ahil – prince

Dhanuk – bow

Darsh – sight

Hriman – wealthy

Hrishul – happiness

Hiresh – king of gems

Jagesh – Lord of the Universe

Kanav  – an old yet wise sage

Kavan – water

Kiaan – by God’s grace

Lakshaya – Focus

Mahin – The Earth

Manan – reverence, homage

Onveer – brave

Onkar –   the purest one

Oviyan – artist

Radhey – Karna

Rahee – Traveller

Samarth – Powerful

Saksham – Able

Talank – Lord Shiva

Talin – Lord Shiva

If you have more suggestions that should make it to this list, don’t forget to write to us in the comments below.                   


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