Porcupine: A Hilarious Story By Roald Dahl

What happens when you sit on a porcupine? Ouch! Tune in to this hilarious poem by Roald Dahl and find out!

You know those animals the porcupines? They have these beautiful needles on their back, actually they are covered in them. Ever wondered what would happen if you accidentlaly sat on one of those? OUCH!

On today’s episode of KSP Radio, we bring you a very special poem written by Roald Dahl. The poet and author, par extraordinaire is well known for his stories like Matilda, Twits, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory etc. 

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In this poem, a little girl is overjoyed with her stash of sweets that she buys with herpocket money. She picks out a comfy spot away from prying eyes to indulge when seh accidentally sits on a porcupine. What happens next? She rushes to her mom who takes her to a doctor. 

This poem along with Tummy Beast, is part of the Dirty Beasts series of poems and you can listen to Tummy Beast right here! These poems are read by Madhumita Kapoor and you can listen to all her stories for KSP Radio, right here! 

Tune in to this fun radio spot with your kids and let us know if you have a similar, fun conversation at home too! Happy listening!

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