Postpartum Blues- Here’s How I Sailed Through It

Having a baby is the best thing in the world but no one warns you of how to deal with your mental health after that. This mom tells us how she dealt with the birth of her two kids.

Postpartum is a time when we “hear” a lot. Everyone and everything around us seems to be telling us something every minute and yes, it could be overwhelming and emotional. I am a mother of 2 and had been through this roller coaster with many twists and turns.

Amidst all that, what life has shown me is that it too shall pass, if we follow the simple 5 principles:

1. Believe in yourself. You have come this far and you will pass this too. I did a lot of retrospection upon myself, on how my journey as a mother started and what all I have ha to go through this far. It absolutely brings up my spirits.

2. There is nothing perfectly right or absolutely wrong when you are taking care of yourself and your baby. There is no correct way of doing things. We learn something new every day and do the best we can to be a Mom to our kids.

3. Accept that everyone has the right to think and voice their opinions. We should be ready to accept what is being said around us. It's up to us to take it or not though. This solves a plethora of problems and we also start seeing the world from someone else’s eyes. 

4. Do not “over-stress” yourself. Stress is a part of this time and it will linger around for some more time. Keep cool and try to limit your expectations of getting things done the way you want. I have worked on myself and made myself feel that unfolded sheets, piled up laundry and bits of paper on the floor are fine, sometimes.

5. Find time for yourself. Breathe in and breathe out peacefully for 10 minutes every day. Let it be anytime, could be even after your baby sleeps at night or when you are trying to fall asleep. This will help calm you down and remove the stress accumulated in your already very active mind. Give it some rest.

6. Find some time even a few minutes every day to do something you want to do. It could be anything from simple browsing to writing down a favourite recipe to just unwind listening to some music. Use those 10 odd minutes to rejuvenate yourself.

In my case, I have ventured into some hobbies rejuvenating myself, mainly baking and gardening. It's fun to skim through various recipes and define your unique baking style on a cake. I was never a person who had an inclination to gardening, but it so happened that now my elder son says, “Mom, you are indeed green-thumbed!”

Life does not always give us everything we want. But if we dig deep and see, then we did get a lot in this life what we wanted, as simple as the cutest smile of our little bundle of joy who just came to this world and filled our hearts with a lot of cheer. This is how I dealt with my life after the birth of my 2 kids. It helped me stay sane and in turn happy.

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