Practices That Helped Me From Being Bitter To Better Parent

Shubh Villas and Mansi Zaveri tell you how to be the best versions of yourself while you are raising your child in this episode.

Despite all the preparation and planning that we do, life happens and upsets our best-laid plans. In parenting, nothing ever goes as per plan right? A good parent doesn’t have to be perfect. It isn’t even possible. No one is perfect. 

In a world that’s filled with uncertainties, being a parent is taxing, we agree. But are we being the best version of ourselveswith the children? Are we communicating right with the current generation or are we getting it wrong somewhere?

If you are a parent who has 

  • Felt bitterness towards their kids at some point
  • Raised your voice at them
  • Raised your hand 
  • Constantly struggling with how to make your child listen to you

Then you need to listen to this.

Mansi Zaveri, founder of Kidsstoppress spoke to Prabhu Shubha Vilas, a TEDx speaker, lifestyle coach, storyteller and author on parenting, communication & how to be a better parent than you are.

He said something that is so true & not something we think of as often

Parenting is not only about communicating with your child, but more importantly about communicating with yourself. Learning to talk to ourselves is what we need to start doing first.

So if you agree with this and want to know more about 

  • How do you become a better version of yourself?
  • How do you not become a better parent?
  • How do we communicate with our children so that they listen?

He has also curated some wonderful sessions for kids on our Summer Fun Factory. From stories about Hanuman and Krishna to how the Ramayana is relevant for today’s kids– his exclusive courses are just what your kids will need to help understand the Indian culture better. 

Take a step back and analyze what you are doing- it will help give you a little perspective. He also talks about the importance of building a connection with our kids first and then learn to communicate effectively with them. Watch the video to hear what he shares. His words make so much sense. So if you need help along your parenting journey, then you definitely need this interview between Mansi Zaveri & Shubha Vilas.

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