Priyanka Khanna | Finding Small Joys Of Life While Raising Children

Mansi Zaveri spoke to Priyanka Khanna, the editor from Vogue Launch team about parenting and the need to bring in minimalism. Listen to the entire episode of Raising Parents on Jio Saavn.

Minimalism. In a world of social media, where brands are shouting out “we need this”, we need to ask our self this question – do we really need this or do we want this? The minute you can answer this question, there will be a shift in the way you spend.

Recently, when I moved, I asked my daughters to make two piles. It was an exercise, I didn’t think I would succeed. But to my surprise, they understood the concept way more than any of us would today. I do believe starting them young on this concept would take them a long way.

Mansi Zaveri, the founder of spoke to Priyanka Khanna, a key member of the Vogue India launch team, multimedia and editor. They spoke about:

  • The necessary lists about what to buy when babies are born
  • Minimalism and her take on it
  • Raising 2 babies in the pandemic
  • And more…

Watch the entire episode of Raising Parents on Jio Saavn

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