Raising A Reader- Are We Doing It Right?

Do Your Kids Treat Reading As A Punishment?

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How To Get Kids To Fall In Love With Books?

  • Do your kids consider reading as a punishment?
  • Do they get bored the minute they pick up a book?
  • Do they find the books you buy them uninteresting?

KSP Book Club

Join the community of parents raising happy kids who love to read!

  • Identify the pain points- why your kid refuses to read.
  • Find out if you are inadvertently contributing to their dislike with your choices.
  • Don’t just go by bestsellers.
  • Don’t punish your kids if they don’t like reading in the initial days.
  • And remember- reading doesn’t stop at the last page of the book.

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  • Tips on raising readers
  • Exclusive interviews with celebrated children’s authors

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