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Find kid-approved meals, seasonal recipe ideas, a curated weekly meal-plan, and tips to tide over fussy eating habits= all under one roof. Start today! 

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KSP Meal Plans– Combo Offer

  • Are you tired of leftovers after every meals?
  • Wonder why kids are never excited about what you make?
  • Do you crave to eat your childhood favourites that never make it to the menu?
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KSP Meal Plans Annual Subscription

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Simple Recipes For Busy Schedules

  • Choose from a variety of exciting recipes every week. Explore new cuisines and flavours.
  • We give you a mix of everything nice – Regular Indian meal ideas, a bit of dadi ma’s traditional recipes, recipes from around the world and of course we plan it for you based on the seasonal produce available in the market. 

Grocery List To Help You Shop

  • We want to help you shop smart so that you don’t waste time or money.
  • Armed with the grocery list that we will send every week, head to your kitchen and tick off what you don’t need to shop for.
  • It will make shopping and prepping for the week so much easier.
  • A printable Meal Plan template that you can print and keep for times when inspiration hits you.
  • Put down meal ideas that your family wants so you can incorporate their wishes with the meal plan we send every week.
  • After all, no one wants sulking faces at the dining table right?

Quarterly Break Up On Seasonal Food

  • A comprehensive list of seasonal fruits & vegetables you should shop for- broken down season wise.
  • Eating seasonal food is important for our health. Vegetables stored in the deep freeze lose their nutrition over time.
  • Now we wouldn’t want that. The health of our family is super important!

Tips & Hacks To Help Simplify Things In The Kitchen

  • Whether you’re a hesitant beginner or a long-timer in the kitchen, everyone who sets foot in a kitchen needs a few tricks and hacks up their sleeve from time to time.
  • You’re going to wonder why didn’t anyone tell me about these sooner?