Relive The Best Stories With These Storytelling Videos


We are never too old for stories, are we?! 

The one essence of childhood that hasn’t changed over the years- is the act of narrating a story to your little ones- with fun modulations, interesting morals and those squeaky voices! My little girl never hits the bed without getting me to narrate at least 2 stories every day and I need to keep coming up with new ones very often! 

Experts believe that storytelling helps create a bond with kids that is long-lasting and does them a world of good. Read all about why storytelling should be a must in your day-to-day routine with the kids here. 

This bundle is for you IF: 

  • Your child is missing their storytelling classes during this lockdown period. 
  • Hunting for the best storytelling classes for your little one is getting exhausting. 
  • You wished there was a one-stop-shop where your kids can tune in to the best videos of their stories so you get a minute to breathe! 
  • Sign up for this fun bundle for your kids as you get exclusive access to some of the best stories by expert storytellers. (Author Natasha Sharma & Little Readers’ Nook have some fun videos  exclusive for you!)