Quirky Stationery Supplies That Kids Will Want To Stock Up!

We are excited about the Australian stationery brand launching in India. Do check out the their quirky designs that children love.

As a kid, I had a huge love for stationery. You name anything, I would stock it up in my little drawer. This collection was never to be shared. Believe it or not, I have passed something down to my daughter as well. (I know that is pushing it). Pencils, erasers, sketch pens, and more are not just simple stationery items for me. They are accessories that make learning fun for me. They are the building blocks that shall augment the child’s learning at home as well as in school.

So, is it easy to find cool stationery for your children in India? Today, on Find it on KSP, we share with you a recent stationery brand launched in India, Scoobies. We know the love for stationery, mommies! The kids are going to love it! 

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What is Scoobies?

Scoobies is a popular Australian stationery brand, now available in India. They specialise in quirky, fashionable stationery. They have over 300 different stationery products from which kids can choose from. Their collection is fabulous and fun! 

What can you find at Scoobies?


  • You will get access to crazy colour pencils, glitter bags, pencil cases, pencil holders, dreamy bottles, tote bags for kids, water bottles for boys, colour-coordinated school bags to match with pencil boxes and snack bags, to matching calculators and mind-blowing colourful stationery for kids – Scoobies has it all covered.
  • They double up as great gifting options since it is priced reasonably. 
  • All their products are made in Australia – and they focus on quality and design. 
  • The combo packs are priced well and make great birthday gifts. Starting from Rs. 359. 

Stationery: Starting at Rs. 199

Gifting articles: Rs. 359

Bags: Starting from Rs. 1,199

Where to find this brand: Scoobies

Instagram: Scoobies 

Where to buy: Scoobies

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