Raising A Child In A Multicultural Home | Andrea and Chef Kelvin Cheung

Andrea & celebrity chef Kelvin Cheung share how they are raising their child in a multicultural home in India. Don’t forget to listen to this podcast of Raising Parents on Jio Saavn, hosted by Mansi Zaveri

In India we are fortunate to have access to so many languages. Raising children with family, friends and help exposes them to so many different languages.  But can you imagine raising a child in a multicultural home? Andrea is from Las Vegas and Chef Kelvin comes from a traditional Chinese family and they are raising Bodhi in India! From having different passports to learning different languages and cultures – Andrea and Kelvin are the coolest new parents in the block and we loved it when they said “Parenting is like teamwork”. 

We speak to them about:

  • What Bodhi eats 
  • Food vs. Fitness – which one is more important for Bodhi?
  • How to raise resilient kids 
  • What does a cultural difference look like?
  • And more..

Tune in to listen to this podcast of Raising Parents, on Jio Saavn, hosted by Mansi Zaveri! It is absolutely amazing! 


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Don’t forget to listen to the entire episode of Raising Parents on Jio Saavn, hosted by Mansi Zaveri 

Where can you listen to the show: Jio Saavn 

When: A new episode every week on Wednesdays

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