Raising Kids In A Joint Family: What I Learnt

Joint families are a blessing but they also have their own set of challenges. Listen to the full episode and find out how I live with my in-laws and keep conflicts to a minimum.

Joint families are a blessing mostly but they also have their own set of challenges. Even the smallest of things are discussed by all.

This sometimes gets in the way of parenting. With so many people to give their opinions, even the kids get confused sometimes as to, who they should obey.

It’s when others give their opinion, when harsh comments are made that you may need to step in and be there for your child. Not only are you telling your kids you’re there for them, but also telling the relatives that you value your connection with your child and you have it under control.

Since I am raising my kids in a joint family system, this is something I have realised that works best for me.

Listen to the full podcast to know how I have balanced my life living in a joint family with my in-laws without conflict! 

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