Recipe: Protein Rich Pinwheel Theplas For Back To School!

These easy to make theplas are quick to make on a rushed morning

It’s a super busy world for all the busy moms. A mom’s life just seems to speed through the day juggling between mommy duties to work commitments, housework, and of course meal preparation. I am sharing with you a recipe that is nutritionally balanced (carbs, protein, fibre and vitamins & minerals) in one and one that is easy to feed a fussy eater. 

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Theplas are a Gujarati speciality made with atta, methi and lots of spices to up the yum quotient. They are similar to parathas. So in this recipe, you could use thinly made theplas or use rotis to make the rolls. You can have them for breakfast, put them in your child’s tiffin box or snack on them with garam chai in the evening.



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