Recurring High Fever & Cough In Kids – What Should I Do?

If your child has high fever, don’t panic. The change of season has kids falling ill with high fever & other flu symptoms. This is what the doctors suggest. Must read.
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Every second mom I talk to is saying the same thing – “My child has a high fever going up to 102-103 C and it’s just not coming down. Also, the cough is not going away. With the change of season the cough, cold and flu-like fever in kids is on the rise.

As a parent, it is alarming & not to mention heartbreaking to see your child tossing and turning with a high fever. You kind of feel helpless at that point and of course, the first thing we do is to give them paracetamol to bring the high fever down.

Dr Manjari Rao is a Homoeopathy Practitioner who integrates science with Homoeopathy. She defines fever as

Fever is a symptom, not a disease itself. The majority of fevers in children are viral fevers. Fevers offer an immune system upgrade.A high temperature is an indictor that the ummne system is working well!

What Is Fever?

Dr Rao describes it as – Fever is the body’s deep cleaning agent. If you want deep cleaning, allow it. If you want toxins to remain inside, do what you have been doing all these years and pop a pill. High fevers are express cleaners. Rapid onset, steady progress for 2-3 days and quick decline.

Bhavini Jhaveri Jairazbhoy is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and she also says

When we experience any form of illness (and I don’t mean anything serious), let’s shift perspective to supporting the body, rather than shutting it up every time (with OTC medication); let’s consciously provide the body with basic necessities: extra rest through the day, increased hydration (not just water, but fluids with naturally high electrolytes like coconut water and blended fruit drinks) and higher nourishment (read plant-based foods).

How Long Should You Wait Before Giving Medicine?

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Do I Rush To A Doctor If My Child Has High Fever?

Red Flags include

  • Recurrent low-grade fever
  • Recurrent high-grade fever that doesn’t respond to treatment
  • Fever with kidney or liver pathology

Do not delay treatment if your child displays any of these red flags

What Should I Do When Temperature Hits 103 C?

high fever treatement

Dr Nihar Parekh, a Mumbai paediatrician shares the importance of the 3 Ps for all parents. Must listen.

By the way we swear by this home remedy for cold/cough in the flu season.

If your kids have high fever, try these out

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