Relationship Coach Ekta Dixit’s Shares Tips| Couple Challenges To Being A Parent

Do you feel things changed with your spouse after your baby was born? How can you still be the lead character in your life? Must watch. We spoke to Relationship Coach Ekta Dixit about the challenges couples face when they have kids, and the struggles of being a parent, dealing with toddler tantrums to teen tantrums and more. Must watch.

In a world witnessing a surge in anxiety and divorces, especially post-pandemic, the need for relationship coaches is more apparent than ever. While seeking help for physical health issues is widely accepted, the idea of consulting a relationship coach is met with scepticism by some.

In season 3 of Kidsstoppress Podcasts, Mansi Zaveri, Founder of chats with Relationship Coach Ekta Dixit about why one might seek guidance during challenging times.

She talks about why should we speak to a relationship coach. Similar to consulting a doctor when unwell, seeking the guidance of a relationship coach is a proactive step toward addressing and resolving issues within a partnership. Professional intervention can provide valuable insights and tools to foster a healthier relationship. Do you agree?

They also talk about

  • How to build communication between your child and you
  • The transition from child to tween, how their behaviour changes as they grow up and what we can do
  • How silent treatment can become the biggest form of abuse
  • Should we be a friend or a parent to our kids?

and much more!

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