Republic Day: Facts Your Kids Should Know

While the country celebrates the day with fireworks, parades and other festivities, not everybody knows how much significance the day holds for us and how far the country has come in building itself into a strong nation. Today on KSP RADIO, we share some fun facts that your kids should know about Republic Day.

India is a great country with a lot of traditions and culture. Our country achieved freedom in 1947 with great freedom fighters fighting for the rights we enjoy today. So, are we as parenting doing our best to ensure that children love and respect their motherland? Are we able to answer all the questions they have about how we achieved independence? I remember, as a kid, going for flag hoisting in school and getting the goosebumps while singing the National Anthem. Is it the same for your children?

Today on KSP Radio, we are celebrating the upcoming 72nd Republic Day and we are sharing interesting facts that your kids will surely get fascinated by. 

This podcast will teach your kids:

  • To respect our freedom fighters 
  • Will teach them about respect and honour
  • Patriotic activities
  • Why Republic Day is so important to India 
  • And more… 

Listen to this podcast and don’t forget to quiz your children at the end! 

P.S This is a great learning tool for your child!

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