Think Before Posting Photos Of Your Children On Social Media | Mansi Zaveri


In today’s digital age, the habit of sharing every moment of our lives on social media has become second nature. There is a term for parents who share everything online – ‘ sharent.

A sharent is a mom or dad preferably in the mid-20s and 30s who is so comfortable with their social media skills that they share every nuance of their parenting through posts, blogs, and pictures of their children on social media every day. Basically, a sharent is a person who shares too much information about their children online.

When it comes to posting photos of our children, it’s essential to pause and consider the potential implications. Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress was recently interviewed by Kimberly Tuff of Tuff City Radio and delves into the reasons why parents should rethink sharing images of their children online.

From privacy concerns to long-term consequences, Mansi explores the various factors that come into play when parents decide to share their children’s photos on social media. Drawing from personal experiences and expert insights, she highlights the importance of safeguarding children’s privacy and protecting them from potential risks associated with online exposure.

You must watch this interview if you are a parent and do tend to share your child’s pictures online.

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Take a peek at what the interview is all about

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