Role Of School In A Child’s Mental Health

Kids in school are subject to a lot of peer pressure as well as academic pressure. This expert shares what the school should be looking out for since a large part of a students day is spent there. Read to know more.

Schools are the perfect environment to promote mental wellness. Children in today’s society face many challenges from a variety of sources that have a major impact on their psychological wellbeing and their academic performance.

There is a spike in cases of substance use and abuse and on youth suicide in our country. Schools need to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities and need to take necessary measures to support students who may be facing such challenges. 

As mental health issues often begin during school years, it’s imperative for schools to inculcate mental health education and awareness early on in schools.

Children spend a large chunk of their day at school and it is therefore important that they are equipped with the necessary tools by schools to deal with mental health issues. It has been seen that children who are subjected to abuse and violence at home, who develop learning disabilities and serious mental illnesses need special attention and care by schools.

Schools are where friendships are formed and where children begin to understand their self-worth and form their individual identities.

Teachers are often the first to notice changes in the thinking and behaviour of children. If they are taught to recognize early warning signs of psychological disorders and of mental illness, then necessary steps can be taken to avoid further damage to the child and perhaps save lives. Timely intervention can often reduce the severity of the illness and prevent delay in the development of major mental illness. 

Some of the common signs to look for 

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