Rudolph’s Tale + Can You Be A Santa To Someone This Christmas?

How was Santa helpful to Rudolph? We all know the Christmas song about Rudolph, but have we ever wondered about what Santa did for Rudolph? This Christmas, listen to Rudolph’s story and try and be a Santa to someone special.

Christmas is a magical time to spend with family. Whether it is putting up your tree, or baking goodies, or wrapping presents, time spent with the family at the end of the year, doing things together makes the entire time special! You know how special you feel when someone gives you a thoughtful gift, right? This year, why not try and be a special Santa to someone else?

We all love the story of Santa and Rudolph and love listening to it year after year. This Christmas, gather around as we add a twist in the tale to Santa and Rudolph. Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer was constantly made fun of by all the other reindeers because is nose was just so red! Poor Rudolph had to endure a lot until Santa decided enough was enough and put a stop to all the bullying!

Tune in to listen to this magical story now!

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