Rujuta Diwekar’s Notes For Healthy Kids – A Parent’s Honest Review

Rujuta Diwekar’s latest book- Notes For Healthy Kids, focuses on clearing the underlying food confusion that leads to endless dietary trends and tells every parent what their child should or shouldn’t eat.

Like everybody, there’s a certain kind of excitement that’s looming on our heads when Rujuta Diwekar’s book is out. I wonder why? I feel it is because her book is direct, no-nonsense, and makes fitness and nutrition accessible to everyone. 

Notes For Healthy Kids:

Her latest book, Notes For Healthy Kids, focuses on clearing the underlying food confusion that leads to endless dietary trends. The simplicity and honesty of good nutrition in the book definitely hits the right chord for us and our kids. I read the book with my kids and I could see my kids actually reading and understanding everything because of those awesome easy-to-understand illustrations. I would strongly urge you to read some portions with your kids because you cannot drive this alone. Your kids need to be in your team because more often than not they will make the choices for themselves. 

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So what’s in the book? 

A parent’s interest is captured right from the cover where she talks about milk, veggies and dal not being compulsory. The things you have been battling, bribing your children and doing countless research on seems like was not the only thing to focus on. Instead, Diwekar says, address the 4 simple food fundas more. Find them below:

o   Teach kids to eat local and seasonal food and ignore if these foods fall in the carbs, protein and fats categories.

o  Don’t coerce them into eating more or increasing their appetite. Children will never appreciate what’s on their plate if they are completely disconnected from it, so start involving them in the kitchen.

o  Follow the 3S’s of eating – Sit down, Switch off, and Senses. This is important because mealtimes are for nourishment and if you mix that with entertainment – then the distraction affects their digestion.

o  Always enforce eating the food that’s been given and eating the right food, especially for dinner. Kids who even eat boring dinners on time and sleep early are the kids that grow the fastest and stay the strongest. She urges kids to and parents to learn how to live without complaining and let your child go creative with whatever is cooked. 

“Learn to eat and appreciate someone else’s favourite food too”


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