Rushina MG On Why Kids Must be Taught To Cook Everyday Meals

Watch this fun FB live with Rushina MG where wwe learn more about healthy eating for kids.

A lot of us parents are happy to let the kids into the kitchen and help us make delicious meals. but what do kids like to make often? More often than not, the junior chefs are seen baking a cake or a delicious muffin. Do we involve them in making our routine dal, chawal and sabzi? The probability of kids doing these recipes is more than baking a cake later in their lives. 

That's exactly what Rushina MG, Culinary Expert, Food Columnist and the force behind Kids in the Kitchen told us in the fun FB Live we had with her recently. Stating the need and importance of celebrating the Indian Food Observance Day, Rushina made some interesting points about why the local and seasonal foods and recipes must be celebrated and enjoyed with our near and dear and how we can pass on the knowledge to the kids too! Watch this LIVE to find out Rushina's secret recipe that she dished out for us too!

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