Sameera Reddy Leaves Moms Teary Eyed With Her Confessions On Weight Gain, Post-Partum & Anxiety

Sameera Reddy’s keynote speech at KSP Awards 2019 left the audience awestruck with her honesty and the motivation to the mommy fraternity

Why do women judge other women? – Sameera Reddy

We, at Kidsstoppress, have always believed in keeping conversations real. We want to real moms to share their stories and experiences – be it a birthing story or breastfeeding story. We want them to talk about how they feel so other women out there can resonate with it. It is ok to be that 'sexy mommy' and it is ok to also be that mom that has completely changed her personality and can't go back to 'who she was'. 

At KSP Awards 2019, Sameera Reddy speaks to us about her experiences as a child, before pregnancy and post-pregnancy. She was bullied as a child, she was living the 'it life' when she was an actress and about her post-partum blues post-pregnancy. 

She only followed one mantra:

Fake it till you make it – Sameera Reddy

Tune in to this video where she talks about how she felt how she was 105 kilos, how she went off social media because there was so much pressure to be the sexy mama for the paparazzi and how she came to a realization to accept who she was and change perceptions and keeping it real for all the moms out there through her campaign – Imperfectly Perfect. 


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