Separation Anxiety In Children During A Pandemic

This separation anxiety ‘phase’ can be tough for children as well as parents who are trying their best to help their child cope. However, it is important to remember that this phase will pass soon if both parent and child proactively work on bringing down their anxiety levels through a positive outlook and by adopting healthy ways of coping.

These are uncertain times. Children have been the most vulnerable to emotional problems during this pandemic owing to physical and social restrictions as well as everyday exposure to news related to the coronavirus. They have been noted to be clingier, fussy, oppositional and irritable. Most of all, there has been a rise in parents experiencing and seeking help for separation anxiety in children. 

What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a feeling of apprehension or unease that arises when we are separated from our loved ones. There is a fear of something untoward happening which makes a child nervous, fearful, throw tantrums and in some instances, experience nightmares. It is a normal experience and sets in when the child is around 8 to 12 months. It usually disappears by 3 years of age but in some, can last longer. 

Due to the uncertainty created by the covid-19 crisis and parents working from home over the past year, more children are experiencing extreme distress whenever there are occasions of being separated from parents. Though most commonly seen in children, even young adults transitioning to college or having to stay away from their loved ones are noted to be experiencing this in the current situation.

Parents, teachers and child care professionals are anticipating an increase in anxiety levels once the schools reopen in the future when children have to spend more time away from family. Hence, it helps to start addressing this in the early stages to help our children cope better.

Here are some tips for parents to handle separation anxiety in children-scroll down to read them. 


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