Shilpa Shetty On What It Takes To Be A Working Mom Today

What does it take to be a working mom in today’s times? How easy or difficult is it? How are moms judged on a day-to-day basis? Shilpa Shetty tells us all!

As I sit to write down this article, I find myself answering my little one’s questions on the solar system, talking to her teachers about the new academic year that will be starting and rushing through the deadlines in my office. And yes- that hot breakfast in the plate has turned cold and is staring at my face, crying for attention. I feel overwhelmed, no doubt and there are many days I feel exhausted, but isn’t that the biggest challenge of a working mom? Striving hard to strike the right balance between the two worlds so we can enjoy them, both- that has been our mantra from time immemorial. 

And in this journey- a little inspiration goes a long way. We at Kidsstoppress, love talking to mom achievers, finding out their little secrets and #HowSheDoesIt, to help draw some inferences in our daily life and help our readers in #SimplifyingParenting. 

And recently, we had this opportunity for an exclusive one-on-one conversation with celebrity mompreneur Shilpa Shetty– who dons many a role- but wears the one of a mother with the most pride!

Here’s what she had to say about being a working mom. Stay tuned for the exclusive video coming soon on our YouTube channel next week– we can’t wait for you to see it and let us know how much you loved it! Subscribe now! 


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Being A Working Mom Is Tough- Shilpa Shetty 

I am a mom and the rest just follows. I have invested in so many roles-actor, entrepreneur, mom, fitness enthusiast and influencer. People often ask me how do I get the time and my response is that ‘we always run out of time’. The key is to make it happen and to give it 100%. One may think that mothers have a strong glass ceiling but for me, I don’t believe there is one. It may come as a surprise, but there is no box that can confine me. I believe in being a trendsetter and I have lived by this philosophy and mantra all my life.

I am very house proud, middle class and hands on. Anyone who thinks that they can’t dabble with both – work and home, they are not wrong because it is a tough job. I wish I could be at two places at the same time and there was no need for balance. The thing that gets me through my day is that I know that I am trying to be the best I can in every role. I know that we don’t live in a Utopian world. We all make choices that may not be right. Just like other moms, the importance of bringing up my child with great memories and a strong grounded value system is on top of my list. I am a working mom and my son knows that work is important to me. But he also knows that he is the most important and gives me the biggest joy.

I have always been passionate about fitness and health and I knew it was my calling. I was drawn to wellness very early on and I launched my Yoga DVD back then when it wasn’t a thing in India. I never contrived the Shilpa Shetty App. When I gained 32 kilos in my pregnancy, I was scared because I had taken being skinny for granted. I understood the insecurity and the pain of not feeling like myself, fear of not being loved and losing my identity. But I pulled myself up and I shed it all in 4 months. That’s when it struck me why women obsess over weight loss. The journey of wellness started late for me but I believe that this road will be accessible to millions. If a girl who could not speak Hindi and made her career as an actor can do it, I truly believe everything is possible. 

Can’t wait to share this exclusive interview with you guys soon on #KSPTV.

Check out this awesome rapid fire round with Shilpa Shetty. It’s fun, entertaining and inspiring!

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