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Swipe left to find out the best organic colours available in the market for your Holi party with the kids! 

Holi is a couple of weeks away, but the preps have started already!

My little girl has given me a list of fun essentials she needs to plan the big Holi party with her friends and I must say it is a pretty big list! But the only concern I have as a mom is the effect of these colours on my child’s skin and if they will cause any effects or harm. 

But luckily, over the last couple of years, organic colours have come to play and with a clear non-toxic disclaimer on their labels, it reassures me as a parent and I give my child the green signal to go ahead and play to her heart’s content this Holi! 

Scroll down to find out the best organic colours available in the market for your Holi party with the kids! 

Go Natural 

These colours are 100% herbal Gulal made from vegetable and flower extracts. The natural fragrances are from all the flowers and they are lab tested colours. Shop here

Organic India 

These colours are herbal and organic from natural fruit extracts and flower extracts. Shop here

Tota Non-Toxic Organic Holi Gulal

Non-toxic, Holi gulal colours that are made using 100% food-grade ingredients. Consists of 4 pack of multicolour Holi Gulal colours- that are easy to wash off. Shop here

StonKraft Herbal Skin-safe Non-Toxic Rangoli Holi Powder

A 100% organic natural Holi colour brand that is made using veg extracts, herbal extracts, flowers, turmeric and herbs. Shop here

Green Practice Organic Holi Colours

This eco-friendly brand makes colours that are organic and natural made of vegetables and ingredients such as haldi, kumkum, beetroot, rice, etc. They are safe to use on kids and they claim it requires much less water to wash off. Shop here

TARAgram Natural Organic Holi Colors

These organic colours are handmade by a rural community in the Bundelkhand area. Shop here

Magic Holi Colours Powder

These non-toxic organic colours are safe to use on the skin and can be removed by just using a wet wipe or a wet cloth- thus saving water. They are skin-hair friendly and can be used on kids too. Shop here

Gulaal Gota, Lac Balloons Or Lac Balls of Herbal Colors

Fine quality lac ball this is filled with herbal gulaal colours made of different colours and fragrances such as jasmine, rose, lily, etc. The soft ball bursts when it hits a surface emanating colourful fragrant powders. Shop here

Sattvic Natural Holi Colours

If you are looking for pure herbal or 100% natural or organic then Sattvic Natural Holi colours are a good buy to make your celebrations and events fun-filled, eco-friendly and safe. These colours are made from herbs, organic turmeric, agricultural produce, food crops, fruit and vegetable extracts, flowers, etc.  Shop here

Serenus Homes Herbal Holi Gulal

Serenus Homes Herbal Holi Gulal is 100% natural and herbal. Their Holi colours are made from herbs, agricultural produce, food crops, fruit and vegetable extracts, flowers, etc. They are absolutely safe for kids! Shop here

Lustrous Herbal Gulal 400g

With no harmful chemicals added Lustrous Herbal Gulal is a perfect blend of natural extracts. It is an absolute eco-friendly product that keeps your skin and health completely safe and protected from harmful chemical based Holi colours. Shop here

Amora Herbal Holi Gulal Box 

Made only from the naturally procured ingredients. Amora Herbal offers five contemporary hues of Spring in this pack Baby Pink, Turmeric Yellow, Aqua Blue, Sandalwood and Ocean Green. Shop here 

Herbal Organic Holi Color

100% Organic Natural Holi colours will make your festival of Holi more vibrant and colourful. Their colours are made by using veg extracts, herbals extracts, flowers, turmeric and herbs so that it doesn't harm your skin. Shop here

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