Shop Here For The Best Books For Your Little Ones (0-3 Months Old)

Get these books for your infant so that once they get familiar with them by touching and playing and meddling with them, they will eventually start loving them and you can start reading delightful stories to your little one!

Childcare experts say it is never too early to introduce your children to the world of books and help them develop a lifelong love for reading. A recent study suggested how starting the habit of reading to your little ones from a very young age has a lasting effect on their language, literacy and early reading skills. Read all about the research here. 

So when is the right time to give your little ones their first books?

The earlier, the better. Just like how infants observe rattles and other colourful toys that stimulate their thinking abilities and help them perceive the various colours and sensorial skills books are a great option too!

Here, we tell you a list of the best touch and feel books you need to get for your little ones. Don’t worry if it is too early for them. Get these books for your infant so that once they get familiar with them by touching and playing and meddling with them, they will eventually start loving them and you can start reading delightful stories to your little one! Happy reading!

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Black On White

Author: Tana Hoban

What’s great about this book: Your little one’s vision is slowly developing and this book with high-contrast images will be an ideal start. With simple black illustrations on a white background, this book is easy on your newborn’s eyes and helps later connect with the words you read aloud to them.

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Black And White Baby Book 1: High Contrast Baby Book

Author: Children’s Early Learning

What’s great about this book: This book is an ideal choice for your newborns as babies are highly attracted to black and white images. Staring at these images makes the baby calm and gives them a natural learning experience.

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Pat The Bunny

Author: Dorothy Kunhardt

What’s great about this book: A classic book that has been entertaining kids for more than 60 years, this is one of the first touch-and-feel books to have been published for kids. The book helps grab your child’s attention and curiosity as you go on a hunt finding the bunny under the tables, in the kitchen and everywhere!

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Animals (Touch and Feel)


Publisher: DK

What’s great about this book: Don’t just teach your little ones the sounds that a cat and dog do. Get them to touch and feel how a cat and dog and other cute animals through this book. Dorling Kindersley, one of the leading British publishing house in the field of children’s books has come up with other similar titles such as farm animals, Colour, Shapes, Wild Animals, etc.

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Tickle Tickle Peter!

Author: Beatrix Potter

What’s great about this book: Get your babies on a jolly trip with Peter Rabbit as they encounter each animal with a soft touch and a fun rhyme! The soft, furry fabric feel for each animal will only make your child fall in love with the animals.

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Author: Matthew Van Fleet

What’s great about this book: What do children love most about animals? After the noises they make or the colours they are dressed in- it is the tail that catches the child by surprise and amuses them. This wonderful book by Mattew Van Fleet not only teaches your child the different types of tails in animals (fluffy, shiny, spiny!) but, in the process will get your little ones to know how animals use their tails and also some interesting counting and opposites.

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Good Morning, Good Night

Author: Melanie Mitchell

What’s great about this book:  A great way for your child’s favourite animals to tuck them to bed, by getting to hear interesting stories about each one of them- and as you explain or read out each page, your child will love the touch and feel of his/her favourite animal. Good night, kids!

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Author: Eric Carle

What’s great about this book: Ok- this is our favourite! From teaching kids about apples, oranges and plums, this book has been captivating its young readers for generations together. This touch and feel version of the book will let your kids enjoy the feel of the apples, plums, pie and the transformation of the fat, hungry caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

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Noisy Trucks

Publisher: Tiger Tales

What’s great about this book: Only kids can get this excited about the different types of trucks! Engaging and colourful pics on each page, with a touch and feel sensation for each truck- the book also holds a surprise sound button on each page, that the kids will have to press hard to find out how the trucks can be real noisy! Buy here.

Noisy Dinosaurs

Author: Jonathan Litton

What’s great about this book: This book made it to our recent favourites! With our kids getting abundant Dino love over the last month from the house of KSP, we just couldn’t say no to this book! Your kids will enjoy the touch and feel of the various dinosaurs in each page and the frightening roar they make will be a hit with the kids! Buy here

Spots And Dots 

Author:  Chez Picthall

What’s great about this book: 

Another popular wordless picture book with high-contrast images that help provide visual stimulation for your tiny tots.

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Hello, Bugs!

Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls

What’s great about this book: 

With lovely illustrations by Emily Bolam, this book introduces your infants to the world of 10 beautiful bugs, with high-contrast black and white patterns and a burst of colours of every page to help captivate their attention. Buy here

Look, Look!

Author: Peter Linenthal

What’s great about this book: The ideal first board book for your little infant with high-contrast images that are suitable for their age and a few words to help them focus and pick up when you read it out to them. The illustrations of the children, fish, stars etc are soothing for their tiny eyes. Buy here

The Baby’s Handbook

Author: Dayna Martin

What’s great about this book: Sing song your way to your infant’s reading time with this handbook that features 21 of the most popular nursery rhymes in a black and white high-contrast images format to help familiarise the little ones. Works great as a bedtime read too. Buy here



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