Should We Change The Way Our Preschoolers Learn At School?

As parents who strive to give our kids nothing but the best in everything, it is unfair to let them learn concepts in a dated and archaic way because we are expecting them to grow up like us in a world that’s starkly different today.

Gone are the days when tiny tots started learning the alphabet once they joined school. Today’s little munchkins can rattle off the letters and numbers without setting foot in preschool and that has to do with the kind of exposure they get today vs. what it was when we were kids.

In that case, are we ensuring as parents what we want our child’s preschool to teach them? Instead of focusing on short-term syllabus and topics are we focusing on the curriculum the school has in mind for our busy learners? How are we ensuring they adapt themselves to the constantly evolving society?

Did you know?

As much as 95% per cent of the brain is said to develop by the time the child is 6 years of age.

Compared to our times when the focus was more topics or syllabus-driven, today, schools and educators are making the extra effort to ensure they adapt the curriculum to suit today’s evolving needs and the essential skills that children need to possess.

According to certified checklists for early childhood education standards, preschools today must focus on the below 5 domains to help in their overall development:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Language development.

Over the years, studies have repeatedly proven that a play-based interactive curriculum helps children a lot more than a rigid curriculum that’s more focused on book-based learning.

Podar Education Network has over the years won the trust and confidence of parents across the country with their practices of learner-centric education and curriculum that is tailor-made to suit the needs of children in today’s evolving times. 

Podar Prep, formerly known as Podar Jumbo Kids, with 142 centers across India, has redefined the way our children learn preschooler concepts. At Podar Prep, that is powered by NEP 2020 and boosted by EYFS (UK) and EYLF (Australia), the intention is for the teachers to steer away from “chalk talk” and other formal teaching methods. Changing times calls for changing methods in the way our kids learn concepts!

Remember how at school, except for the PT period, all the other classes were focussed only on academics? Thankfully, that is changing for our tiny tots. Schools today focus not only on core concepts but also on helping our children grow and thrive in a very competitive world like ours. At Podar Prep, kids have access to interactive spas that help nurture well-being and mindfulness and nature-based activities, ‘coz- why should lessons be confined to the four walls of the classroom?!

As a parent, another thing that often gets my goat is the fact that right at this budding stage, kids are categorized as achievers and underachievers. Assignments and tests divide the classrooms leaving an indelible mark in the minds of the tiny tots. The competitive spirit in children is good, and necessary even. But why so early?!

And this is my favourite part at Podar Prep, as a parent! There is no ranking or grading system followed at Podar Prep!  They observe and assess children’s growth and development using global assessment parameters and send timely reports to the parents. 

Did you know that you could start your preschoolers on coding? I’m not kidding!

At Podar Prep they focus on starting your preschoolers with pre-coding skills that (wait for it…) don’t require them to be on the screens, even! 

Podar Prep is the first ever Kindergarten in India to have a Non-screen-based Coding curriculum that is based on Froebel gifts and other Coding toys. Through games and activities, the Coding non-screen-based curriculum focuses on teaching children essential coding skills such as sequencing, sorting, algorithm, looping and much more. Laying the foundation right, indeed.

As parents who strive to give our kids nothing but the best in everything, it is unfair to let them learn concepts in a dated and archaic way because we are expecting them to grow up like us in a world that’s starkly different today.

As a parent, what are your biggest criteria when zeroing in on a preschool? Tell us in the comments below.

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This blog is written in association with Podar Education Network

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