Should Parents Decide What Their Kids Must Wear?

Kids today know everything! They also know exactly what they want to eat or wear. Read to know more about this on #KSPQuestionOfTheWeek.

What do you think after reading the title? Most of you will get an unconscious and almost immediate ‘pfft no!’ from your brain. But after a little contemplation, you start thinking of all the scenarios that you could. Should you decide what clothes they should wear? No… But should they wear whatever they want without a conscious thought? Also no.

Well, as parents we are part of every step that our child takes. But in the recent generations, with the advancement of technology and so much information available early on, kids are more aware of the world than we were in our childhood. So, when it comes to eating choices, clothes or sometimes even education– they know what they want!

So, should we decide what our kids wear?

No, we can’t tell them what clothes to wear and why… as clothing is a form of showing each one’s individualism. But as parents, it is our duty to make them aware of their choices and the significance of clothing in different occasions. And the fashion? That we can leave to them! (kids fashion now-a-days? Way better than ours.)

So, we wanted to know your thoughts on this and posted this as our #KSPQuestionOfTheWeek. Here’s a peek at all the opinions we received.

Here’s what other parents had to say.

Good point made! Again, kids should be made aware of their choices.

Ofcourse, it’s good to get on with the trend, but not at the cost of values.

A very mature way to put it! Amazing.

Haha… frankly, right now with this heat, we all want the same thing!

Truer words weren’t spoken! Beautiful point.

Yes absolutely! What are your thoughts? Do you share the same opinion with these parents? Tell us all about it in the comments below and do share this with your circle of parents to know their thoughts too!

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