Simon Says Make Jelly With Mom & Hop On One Foot. Download The Planner #7

A round of Simon says, some cooking with mom and cuddle up for storytime is what makes planner #7 loads of fun.

21 days is a long time to stay indoors but don't lose hope!

We have planned a daily routine for you where we have added lots of time for learning activities, self-care, chores, relaxation and most importantly, fun! Let's look upon this period as an adventure rather than a jail term we can help the children through it and set them up for expanded minds and hearts on the other side, rather than anxiety and scars. Your family ship is in new waters. Let the adventure begin!" 

This is a one-day no fuss, no rule planner that your kids can follow. Like it? Click here to download an entire week's planner, so you know what your kids are doing during this lockdown!

Your Daily Planner#7

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