Simple Exercises I Pre-Pregnancy With Coach Urmi

Preparing your body for pregnancy is crucial to your well being. Urmi Kothari will help you stretch and de-stress your body so that your body is ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Your decision to have a baby is a monumental step in your life. Whether you are planning or trying to conceive you owe it to yourself and to your unborn child to start preparing your body for the huge changes that are going to be coming your way. You need to get to a healthy weight before you get pregnant and that includes eating healthy foods and do something active every day.

What do we mean by preparing your body? Well! There are some exercises that can help your body and mind reach your goal of getting pregnant. We brought in an expert to help you pave the way for your pregnancy journey.

Urmi Kothari is an Energy Coach and she’s going to walk you through some exercises that will help stretch and de-stress your body. The exercise will help reduce the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body, stretch and strengthen the pelvic muscles. You need the strength to carry that extra baby weight once the baby starts growing.

Watch the expert in action and she tells you how to kickstart your pregnancy journey

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