Smartphone Obsession: Understanding Why Children Prefer A Device Over Family Time

Unlocking the reasons behind children choosing smartphones over quality time: technology allure, lack of boundaries, and emotional disconnect explored.

How often have you walked into a room & found both your kids on their devices or go to a restaurant with the family and the kids would rather surf their phone than talk to you?

It’s very typical to see our kids engrossed in their smartphones and appearing unconnected from the outside world. Mansi Zaveri, founder of, recently spoke about how screens have taken over the lives of our kids and the trend of kids prioritizing their cell phones over spending time with their parents.

Some of the things she talked about are similar to what Sadhguru says in his video

Parents should not complain my child is hooked to the cell phone. Parents should make themselves so interesting. They must be more interesting than the social media on the phone.

The Attraction of Technology:

Smartphones have ingrained themselves into our daily lives, providing fast access to social media, entertainment, and a wide range of fun apps. These gadgets attract our kids’ interest with their vibrant screens and interactive capabilities, frequently resulting in excessive screen time. Our children may find it challenging to resist the temptation of their smartphones due to the appeal of technology and the abundance of digital content.

Digital Overload

Our children today are being exposed to an overabundance of digital media. Technology’s quick development has produced a wide variety of online distractions, from addicting video games to social media sites meant to keep people hooked. Children may find it difficult to disengage from their smartphones due to the excess of digital stimuli, which causes them to prefer virtual connections to in-person ones.

Lack Of Boundaries

As parents, we need to play a crucial role in shaping our child’s relationship with technology. In many cases, the absence of clear boundaries and guidelines regarding smartphone usage contributes to our children prioritizing their devices. Without proper regulation, children may view smartphones as an endless source of entertainment, perceiving them as a substitute for genuine human interaction.

Parental Device Dependency:

Our relationship with smartphones can influence our children’s behaviour. Kids ape us so we need to model the behaviour we expect from them. This unintentional modelling can lead to our children picking smartphones over spending quality time with us, as they view it as the accepted way of engaging with one another.

Children’s preference for smartphones over quality time with their parents is a persistent worry in the modern digital age. We need to work to find a balance between the advantages of technology and the crucial need for meaningful, offline connections by understanding the underlying causes of this issue and taking proactive steps to remedy it.

In the end, developing solid parent-child connections demands active participation, efficient communication, and the setting of healthy boundaries in the always-changing digital environment.

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