Sonal Holland | My Daughter Told Me I am One In A Billion

Sonal Holland is a mom, an entrepreneur and India’s only master of wine – a title coveted by thousands around the world. Watching her juggle all these titles, responsibilities and more we asked her, how she does it. Tune in to this Raising Parents Podcast because her secrets are worth emulating!

“Mommy, you are one in a billion” How many of you are longing to hear your child say that to you! Well, Sonal Holland- the Master Of Wine is the lucky one! Extremely proud of her to stand so tall in a male dominated profession, breaking all barriers of motherhood and achieving all that she wants. 

On Raising Parents, a Jio Saavn podcast hosted by Mansi Zaveri, we spoke to her about:

  1. Did mom-guilt ever takeover her and did she ever want to give up on her dreams
  2. About her childhood
  3. How equal parenting has been important
  4. And more… 

Don’t miss out on this sassy episode! It is very very relatable! 

Where can you listen to the show: Jio Saavn

When: A new episode every week on Wednesday

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