Sonali Bendre | To Be A Parent Or A Friend? (What Worked For Me In My Toughest Times)

Sonali Bendre talks to us about how to raise a resilient child and how to have a transparent relationship as well.

Do you find yourself taking a step back every time you need to talk to your kids about something important? I always feel – aren’t they too young for it? Do we need to expose them to everything? Shouldn’t we filter some parts? Should I talk to them as a friend or as my child? It’s always a dilemma. It’s too scary to know if we, as parents, are doing enough for our children. Recently, I started to understand how affirmations can help us, especially through parenting. And it is like a magic wand that changes the way we feel.

We couldn't think of anyone better to talk to about this! Sonali Bendre fought through cancer with her family by her side. She is a great role model when it comes to being transparent with her 12-year-old and she spills the beans on:

  • How she thinks it is important to be a friendly parent but not a child's best friend. 
  • How it is important to talk to our child as a human and not a baby. 
  • How she communicated her darkest phase with her son and was surprised to find out that he is her biggest support!
  • How she allows him to make some decisions as long as he is aware of what he is doing
  • How she tried to raise a reader! 

Tune in and you'll know if you want to be your child's best friend or you want to be a friendly parent!

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