Sonika Bhasin | Our Waste Is Killing People. Make Lasting Changes

In this episode, Sonika Bhasin, a media professional who has opted for sustainable living and parenting talks to us about the importance of compositing, and how to make your family adapt to this lifestyle too. Do listen to the entire episode and save all the actionable tips.

Our waste is killing us…

2000 tonnes of mixed waste makes its way to the ocean from Mumbai DAILY

After hearing stats like that I did some research and went down the rabbit hole of waste of waste management.

One thing was clear, we are living in the biggest garbage crisis ever. We are not talking about it with our kids because we are in denial. We need to open our eyes and see things the way they are. We need to realise, our waste is just rotting in the landfill.

Landfills are outside every major city right now and they pollute the air release methane gas which is 35x more harmful than CO2 at trapping heat and causing fires – Sonika Bhasin

All the unsegregated wet, dry and e-waste mix and become extremely toxic. It’s not just in some dumping ground far away. They directly affect us, we’re breathing that air and eating food grown from that soil.

The more I read about it I wanted to be the solution and not the problem

Here’s how is addressing this issue, India’s leading parenting platform collaborates with Hindustan Unilever, SBI, Vikaasa with Xynteo – on a special zero waste management podcast series. Here we will be educating our eco-warriors on how to manage their waste. We are going to share actionable tips, tricks that

In this second episode of The Waste No More Podcast Series,  Sonika Bhasin – a media professional, mom and an eco warrior. Together, they discuss the topic of waste management, and waste segregation.

Sonika said it best..

“Zero waste, the term can be intimidating. I don’t use it, I use low waste.”

It is about starting small, and not changing everything in one go. Listen to the entire podcast to know how she does it.

P.S Don’t forget to participate in the quiz and educate yourself with the curriculum! The winners will be announced in the next episode!

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