Spellings Were Never This Fun And Enjoyable!

Spellings? Kids hate learning them because they are boring. But Ritu Rathod makes spellings easy and fun like never before! Read to check it out!
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It’s not hard to deny the fact sometimes even native speakers make a lot of mistakes when it comes to spellings. So, expecting kids to be perfect is unfair. But learning spellings is not a fun task either! However, as parents we really want our kids to be fluent in English, not only in speaking but writing too.

What if I told you that this is now possible!

Spellings Are No More Boring But Fun!

Ritu Rathod is an English teacher and Creative Writing coach, who’s Instagram- moonlight._.musings, is filled with short, fun and amazing tips for spellings and speaking and writing English. Her quirky ways of making spellings seem easy really make learning English less of a mundane task.

Wasn’t that such a breeze! When were spellings so easy to learn? I wish I had these back when I was a child!

Your child can also learn how to spin the best stories and write to their heart’s content with Kids’ Courses on Kidsstoppress.

Ritu Rathod has conducted these exclusive workshops with us. Like a story writing workshop where she very simply and effectively teaches kids to bring their imagination to life! Doesn’t that sound great? Do you want your kid to be a mini Shakespeare too? What are you waiting for then? Access this course now!

We also have a course on Creative Writing and Poetry Writing conducted by Ritu Rathod. Poetry really challeges you to think differently and yet simply. Think it’s not a task for kids? Why not! With this course, you will observe your kids growing wit and creative thinking! Access this course now!

We also have many more courses for kids that fill a wide range from Arts&Crafts to Technology to Cooking. With 700+ courses to choose from, it’s something you shouldn’t miss! Check the KSP Kids Courses now!

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