Spilling The Beans On Parenting, & Everything Else With My Daughter | Mansi Zaveri

Mansi Zaveri and her daughter spill the beans about parenting, about Mansi as a mom, entrepreneur, and more. Don’t forget to listen to the entire conversation.

Mansi Zaveri, the founder of Kidsstoppress, and the host of the show – Kidsstoppress Podcasts has always let us in on her secret recipe of work-life balance, management hacks, digital hacks, meal planing – that help her through the day.

Today, in this special episode, we have a guest appearance where her daughter spills the beans with Mansi Zaveri – where she is the host, and Mansi is the interviewee. It is candid, super real, and just shows how involved her children are in her work life, and everything else.

So don’t forget to tune in this episode and find out:

  • Mansi before she had kids
  • Mansi’s secret sauce to work life balance
  • Productivity hacks
  • And more…

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