Struggling To Get Your Kids To Do Homework? Here’s Help

Tips that will help you get your kids to do their homework with a smile on their face. Must try them at home.

Homework… the word alone would make me cringe when I was younger. I  would yawn, I would procrastinate, I would pretend "to study", and find every excuse in the box to avoid doing any work. I know that I don't want my child to feel the same. Does that mean we need to change the perception of homework?

I don't want my child to stare at the screen or books for hours and throw a tantrum at home. I remembered an interview with Andre Agassi that rules without relationship results in rebellion. I want to make completing assignments a rule – but a thing we enjoy as a family. 

Well, let’s fight off the scowls and tears and turn the nightmarish homework time into a productive and fun-filled session. Here are a few tips that are helping me!

1. Set a routine. Stick to it. 
Sticking to a routine is very important because kids know what is expected out of them. Setting rules and routines give a clear vision of the day. 

2. Do not do your kids' homework. Just assist them.
Yes, sometimes it does get tempting to finish it off. There is a difference between helping and doing their homework. You must remember – these are habit-forming and you don't want them to be dependent. 

3. Ensure a positive environment at home. Appreciate and reward them. 

When there is positivity, kids always love to experiment and won't look at homework as work but as a fun activity! Appreciation and rewarding in little ways is very important. 

4. Let them face the consequence. 

It is also important for children to know how to deal with consequences. Instead of nagging, they must know that skipping homework results in a negative consequence. 

5. Do not nag. Saying it 15 times won't help. 

Why change your relationship at home because you want them to do their homework at a designated time? Don't say it 15 times. Create rules, set a routine, and give them enough free playtime! You will be surprised! 

Share with us how you ensure your child's homework is done at home without any fuss. Write to us at [email protected].

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