Summer Reading For Kids- Curated List Of Books Your Child Should Be Reading This Summer

How Do Dinosaurs Say GoodnightAuthor: Jane Yolen Publisher: Harper CollinsWhy kids love this book: Teaches your kids about dinos and helps them understand why they need to go to sleep, now! Noisy TrucksPublisher: Tiger TalesWhy kids love this book: Engaging and colourful pics on each page, with a touch and feel sensation for each truck- the book also holds a surprise sound button on each page, that the kids will have to press hard to find out how the trucks can be real noisy!

The summer holidays are here and it is quite a challenge to keep the little ones engaged the whole day! Toys, apps, books, cooking, activities, crafts, paints- bring it on- and the kids still need a li’l more to stay busy the whole day! My little one loves to snuggle in the bed with a book during the hot afternoons, and I am just happy she doesn’t demand an outdoor game when the mercury soars at 43 degrees outside! We all want to make sure ur kids read the best books for their age, but the question is how do we pick and choose from the zillions available? Fret not, we at KSP are on it! This has been our pet project for some time and all the brains have gone into curating the best of the books (new and some classics, Indian and foreign authors) for your kids for a “Bookalicious Summer”! Happy reading kids!

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Best Books For Kids: 0-2 years 

1. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight

Author: Jane Yolen   Publisher: Harper Collins

Why kids love this book: Teaches your kids about dinos and helps them understand why they need to go to sleep, now! Explains the usual tribulations that parents go through to put their little ones to bed- only that the little ones here are eleven cute dinosaurs! Buy here.

2. Noisy Trucks

Publisher: Tiger Tales

Why kids love this book: Engaging and colourful pics on each page, with a touch and feel sensation for each truck- the book also holds a surprise sound button on each page, that the kids will have to press hard to find out how the trucks can be real noisy! Buy here.

3. Jamberry

Author: Bruce Degen  Publisher: Harper Collins

Why kids love this book: An unusual friendship between a child and a bear sets the tone for this story. It’s all about their adventures while on the look out for strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Buy here.

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4. Pat The Bunny

Author: Dorothy Kunhardt  Publisher: Golden Books

Why kids love this book: A classic book that has been entertaining kids for more than 60 years, this book helps grab your child's attention and curiosity as you go on a hunt finding the bunny under the tables, in the kitchen and everywhere! Buy here.

5. A You're Adorable

Author: Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise, Pery Como, Sidney Lippman  Publisher: Turtleback

Why kids love this book: Learning the alphabet just became enjoyable with this lovely book for kids. Pamper them and hug them tight as you sing to them A you're adorable, B you're so beautiful! This is one alphabet song your kids will never get tired listening to! Buy here.

6. Ted In A Red Bed 

Author: Phil Roxbee Cox  Publisher: Usborne 

Why kids love this book: Learning phonics is always fun for the early readers! This book, with great illustrations, helps in capturing the attention of the young ones with simple and easy-to-learn words. Makes for a great first read! Buy here.

7. Sheep In A Jeep 

Author: Nancy Shaw  Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Why kids love this book: With funny descriptions about five little sheep off to a ride on a jeep (more such rhyming words await you!), this is an ideal choice for books to read out to your little infants and toddlers. Buy here.

8. Busy Zoo

Publisher: Ladybird 

Why kids love this book: Kids and animals are always a win-win combination and this book is ideal for your fast growing infant and toddler to teach them all about animals with the help of zoo keeper Katie! Buy here.

9. Tickle Tickle Peter

Author: Beatrix Potter  Publisher: Warne

Why kids love this book: Get your babies on a jolly trip with Peter Rabbit as they encounter each animal with a soft touch and a funny rhyme! The soft, furry fabric feel for each animal will only make your child fall in love with the animals. Buy here.

10. Solomon Crocodile

Author: Catherine Rayner Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Why kids love this book: What happens when a crocodile is feeling lonely and has no one to play with? What do the other animals tell him when he asks them to join him? A fun read for the little minds with great illustrations. Buy here.

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Best Books For Kids: 2-5 years 

11. Dinosaurs After Dark

Author: Jonathan Emmett Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Why kids love this book: Who would have imagined playing hide and seek with mighty dinosaurs?! Read all about li'l Bobby's escapades with dinosaurs. Buy here.

12. Last Stop On Market Street

Author: Matt de la Pena Publisher: Puffin

Why kids love this book: A brilliant piece of writing where a patient grandma answers her grandson's questions about why they don't own an expensive car/iPod like his other friends and why his area of residence is inferior in standards. The grandma patiently answers his questions teaching him valuable life lessons. Buy here.

13. Amma, Tell Me (series)

Author: Bhakti Mathur Publisher: Anjana Publishing

Why kids love this book: This series of books explains to kids in a fun and interesting narrative style (with great illustrations) about Ganesha, Krishna, Ramayana, Holi, Diwali, Hanuman, etc. Buy here.

14. Shh

Author: Chris Haughton Publisher: Walker Books 

Why kids love this book: A lovely story of what happens when four friends, out on a stroll hatch a plan? Coming from one of the best-selling authors, this book with wonderful illustrations makes for a great read for your little ones. Buy here.

15. Detective Ted And The Case Of The Missing Cookies

Author: Melanie Joyce Publisher: Igloo Books 

Why kids love this book: So what would you do if you found out that there is someone stealing things from your house at night? You would embark on a detective mission, wouldn't you? That's exactly what detective Ted does in this engaging picture book. Buy here.

16. Septopus

Author: Jyotin Goel Publisher: Red Turtle 

Why kids love this book: This book is already our favourite this summer! An engaging story of Rot-8 an octopus with seven-and-a-half tentacles! The children will enjoy the adventures of Rot-8 along with the other interesting characters he meets on his journey. Don't miss the earlier book "Sept-opus: Adventures of an Almost-Octopus" from the same writer-publication duo. Buy here.

17. The Unboy Boy 

Author: Richa Jha and Gautam Benegal Publisher: Pickle Yolk Books

Why kids love this book: A book that questions gender norms and shows that there are no un-boy boy or un-girl girls in this world. Much needed book to break the gender stereotypes in the society our kids live in today. Buy here.

18. Days With Thathu

Author: Geeta Dharmarajan Publisher: Katha

Why kids love this book: What's better than grandparents' love in this world? This book with simple wordings and cute illustrations about a little girl and her 'Thathu' (grandfather) whom she loves the most. Buy here.

19. A Lion In Paris

Author: Beatrice Alamagna Publisher: Katha

Why kids love this book: A lion from Savannah saunters into Paris in search of ‘love, work, a future’. This story is about his journey from being an apprehensive and unsure newcomer in the city to gradually earning his sense of belonging and the rightful place in the crowd. Buy here.

20. Badger's Parting Gifts

Author: Susan Varley Publisher: Magi Publications

Why kids love this book: This story both gets my throat all lumpy and never fails to bring a smile. A most tenderly told and illustrated moving story of impending death, learning to deal with loss, and finding pleasure and meaning in one’s life through what the departed being has left behind. Buy here.

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21. Hanuman

Author: Maya Dayal Publisher: Red Turtle 

Why kids love this book: Everyone's favourite God is back! Tracking Hanuman's life as an active toddler who even wanted to gulp down the Sun to his adventures and unflinching loyalty towards Lord Ram are described so beautifully in this book that your kid will soon score over you in the mythological quotient! Buy here.

22. Ganesh

Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta Publisher: Red Turtle 

Why kids love this book: The book, on the remover of obstacles, has four stories and answers the questions on children's mind about their favourite elephant-faced God in a simple and interesting manner.ok that your kid will soon score over you in the mythological quotient! Buy here.

23. Good People Everywhere

Author: Lynea Gillen Publisher: Three Pebble Press

Why kids love this book: A picture book that teaches in a simple way about the abundant goodness prevalent in the society. Amidst all the negative things that lead the news in today's world, reinforce to your child about the positivity and goodness that they must aspire for by reading this book with them. Buy here.

24. Sleepy Lil Yoga

Author:  Rebecca Whitford and Martina Selway Publisher: Henry Holt & Co

Why kids love this book: An interactive picture book that demonstrates cute little yoga poses for bedtime. This book is sure to get your little ones excited trying out the various poses and mimicking the night-time animals. Buy here.

25. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

Author:  Catherine D Hughes Publisher: National Geographic

Why kids love this book: When the best in the business has something to explain to us, we sit up and listen! That's exactly why this is one book you must add to your child's bookshelf if they are crazy about dinosaurs like mine! With more than 50 types of dinosaurs explained with amazing pics and fun facts, this book will get your little one hooked on to in no time! Buy here.

26. Monkey Puzzle 

Author:  Julia Donaldson Publisher: Pan Macmillan Children's Books

Why kids love this book: Lil monkey is lost and needs to find his way back to mommy dearest. And he finds help in the cute butterfly who finds the journey tough, but manages to succeed at the end!  Buy here.

27. The Boy Who Loved Words

Author:  Roni Schotter Publisher: Schwartz & Wade

Why kids love this book: When your child reads this book, they'll soon start loving words in ways you can't imagine! All about a boy who loved collecting words, this story is interesting and inspires little minds to learn new things.  Buy here.

28. Little Ogre's Surprise Supper 

Author:  Timothy Knapman Publisher: Pan Macmillan India

Why kids love this book: What happens when an unassuming little boy gets invited for supper by a frightening ogre? Catch the story of how the little boy won over the ogre's heart with his innocence and pure love. Buy here.

29. Harry & The Dinosaurs

Author:  Ian Whybrow Publisher: Pan Macmillan India

Why kids love this book: All the books in this series of Harry and his Dinosaurs is surely going to click with your little one. The various titles that focus on simple day-to-day events like playing hide and seek, going to school and going on a holiday help the kids relate to the books in an easy and engaging manner. Buy here.

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