Tahira Kashyap | Motherhood, Being An Author & Learnings From Battling Cancer

Tahira Kashyap on how spirituality and her parents’ wisdom helps her through motherhood.

Wealth is lost, nothing is lost. Health is lost, somehting is lost. Character is lost, everything is lost – Tahira's dad

You may never get used to the fast pace of having kids in your life while trying to work, or following your own life’s purpose and passions. And you may fail to be calm, engaged, connected. I can get hard being a happy parent that sometimes you think you should be. But…you can become a more about Zen parent – just like Tahira Kashyap.Tahira Kahsyap is an author, mom of 2, star wife, and just battled with cancer. 

She stumped us when we spoke to her about her journey of being a star wife, about her career, her learnings through her struggles during cancer, and about values she learned from her dad. It didn't only touch our heart but would love to spread this inspiration so that parents know – they are the best for their children. 

To know further, in this episode of Keep It Real, Tahira Kashyap talks to us about:

  • How important it is to her that she can transfer the values her father taught her when she was young. 
  • What kept her sane through her cancer journey
  • How she is the product of her childhood 
  • Her struggles and how spirituality helped her overcome it
  • Single child vs. 2 children 
  • Value of emotions
  • And more… 

We got candid, we got the answers, and trust us when we say – the conversation is REAL. Listen to the entire podcast and let us know if you have any questions! For more such episodes, please follow Kidsstoppress.com and our podcasts on Keep IT Real, or subscribe to KSP Radio on Soundcloud, Spotify, Hubhopper, and Apple Podcasts. 



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