Terrible Twos? Not Really, Says This Mom

Why not change the perspective and appreciate this phase of learning and self-discovery more?

One of the golden moments of parenting is when your child starts expressing. It is when babbling becomes clear words, the wobbling changes into cute strides. It’s when they learn the nod for a yes and try experimenting with the nos. The baby in them now has evolved into this little toddler who wishes to explore the world, by taking mini steps they have just learnt. Oh, so magical and fun-filled their world is, each day! Their curiosity is truly inspiring and their innocence just divine.

They now understand that objects can fly, that some creatures have 4 limbs and a wagging tail. A crow in the balcony and a mooing cow fills them with unmeasurable joy. They do like toys but give them a bowl filled with water and watch the fun!

This transition period  (around 1.5-3 yrs) was and still is one of the most beautiful and cherished days of my parenting years – a turning point not only in the little one's life but the ones who share it with them. I would relive it a zillion times!

Both my kids – Kunal and Ridhi have given me beautiful moments to remember for a lifetime. My memories of that time when they were two years old are far more terrific than terrible!

The trips to the paediatricians, the forever running noses, the squealing and messing around… all of that does not remotely justify the “terrible” title.

  • Have u seen the two-year-olds running behind the broomstick to mop the floor picking up the dirtiest bit from the floor to taste?
  • Have you ever seen them getting over possessive about someone and clinging like never before?
  • Recognising strangers only to shy away?
  • Or perhaps snatching that toy from another in spite of not really wanting it?

It is now at 2 when they learn these small nuances or worldly ways which may seem to be like nightmares to you as a parent. These initial years of their self-discovery may not be easy. But a relatively difficult phase cannot be termed terrible. Change is inevitable. And only when handled with love and positivity it can be miraculous. Mine was almost meditative!

Terrible Twos (from Google search) – is a period in a child's social development (typically around the age of two years) which is associated with very defiant or unruly behaviour.

Instead, how about – Terrific Twos – A magical age for beautiful memories and self-discovery? My heartfelt request to all the to-be-moms and moms of almost 2 years old — do not succumb to such myths and blur your most cherished time with your toddler. Please do not assume that it is going to be filled with terrible tantrums and mayhem. Don’t make it happen by sending this vibe out in the Universe, parents! Your own belief can ruin or enhance this most terrific experience of parenting. Let the next generation not even know this term. Parents- live it up — terrific times are waiting for you!

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