That Little Extra Every Pregnant Woman Needs In Her Diet

Did you know that an expecting mom’s nutrient needs are 40-60% higher than before? For a pregnant woman, doctors recommend that they should have dietary supplements that will ensure they don’t lack in any vitamins and minerals at this crucial milestone in their lives. You should add this health supplement which is the No 1 gynecologist recommended drink to your daily diet if you are pregnant. Watch the video to know more! #MothersHorlicks How Horlicks helps.

“Am I eating right?” Isn’t this something every woman worries, especially when they are pregnant. At Kidsstoppress, we ensure that our meal plans are rich in nutrition and locally sourced. But how many of us are making sure that our meals are balanced? Very often, we hear unsolicited advice from other women and aunties and one of them being – “Eat more because you are eating for 2.” But that is a myth. Under the assumption that she should be eating for two, pregnant women end up eating more & putting on way too much weight. All of which is bad for their health. 

So, mommies, our next question is that do you know what should you keep in mind when you are picking food whilst you are pregnant?

  • Does it have DHA & Choline for the baby’s brain development?
  • There are options for no added sugar
  • Is it recommended by your gynaecologist? 
  • Does it help in weight gain for the baby?

Tune in to this video to see why Mother’s Horlicks is preferred by many moms and doctors. 

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and recommendations expressed in this article are solely those of the author and intended as an educational aid only.

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