The Answer To All Your Woes. A Free Daily Planner For Kids!

Homebound and running out of things to do with the kids to keep them engaged? We are sending a daily mail to you every day to help you keep your sanity and keep the kids busy.

We’re home and that’s the way it’s going to stay for the next few weeks from the looks of it. The intention is to keep everyone safe and social distancing is the way to break that cycle. Also, use this time to bond with your family.

We know there are many resources available online and it can be a little maddening to pick and slot activities so that the kids are busy. Maintaining some kind of routine in these uncertain times is the way we at KSP are keeping our sanity. We are moms, working out of home – with no outside help, a house full of people and we know what a rollercoaster ride this is for everyone. 

So you know KSP is all about #simplifyingparenting for you. We have created a daily planner along with videos and links for you. We have been sending you daily newsletters with activities and lots of information. The newsletter will come to your inbox the night before so you know what you can do with your kids the next day without scratching your head every few hours. 

We told you over the weeks, how we have brainstormed, shared our mommy experiences and put together a fun, cost-effective and easy-to-set-up recipe that kids and parents are going to love this summer! Your fav product at KSP Is back much earlier this year on popular demand! 

The growing minds are going to need tons of activities that parents will have to come up with constantly- activities that are easy, engaging, cost-effective and not repetitive. We take this curation away from you (did we hear a sigh of relief?!) and have chalked out fun activities and things to do for kids. Choose the bundle based on your child’s age and interests and get started! 

This is a one-day no fuss, no rule planner that your kids can follow.

So your daily planner #1 is below

Scroll down to get everything you need to simplify your day and get back to a routine.

5 Yoga Asanas For Kids To Start The Day

Energize Yourself With Breakfast

Fluffy Pancakes

Eggless Pancakes

Learning To Make Simple Animals With Origami


TV Time With Dynasties On Netflix – You can read our review here

Catch The Trailer Below


Podcast – Tricky Riddles For Genius Kids

3 Lemonade Recipes With A Desi Twist To Teach The Kids

Healthy Oats & Chocolate Muffins


Story Time Recommendation – Where’s Wally – The Wonder Book – 

Buy the book here

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