The Beginner’s Guide To Throwing the Best New Years’ Eve Party

Excited about hosting a New Year party- but not sure how to go about it? You need to read this.

As December 31st comes closer, stress levels among all the beautiful people start to rise. So many invites, so many parties to attend, such few outfits to choose from – what to do? If you’ve decided to throw a New Years’ eve party, you need to make sure it stands out as clearly as Cinderella at the ball.

It’s got to be fun, funky and different. Here are some ideas for throwing the mother of all New Years’ Eve parties.

1. Dress Down:

December is the Indian wedding season. Chances are that you would have attended at least one Big Fat Indian Wedding this season. This means that you are done looking like a bejewelled Christmas tree for a while. Throw a party where people are encouraged to dress down, or at least in smart casuals. This way you’ll have great New Years’ eve pictures without your guests looking like they’ve returned from the Oscar Awards!

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2. Create a theme:

You’re probably thinking I’m going to suggest the usual Hawaiian/Retro/Bollywood theme party. But do something really different. How about a Star Wars theme? Or even a pajama party (fits right in with my earlier point). Think of your guest list and consider how sporting your crowd is – the whackier they are, the whackier your theme can be.

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You can go all out on décor or you can keep it really simple. Personally, I like it simple. Go online and get some Moroccan lamps for cheap. Buy a couple of battery operated fairy lights and put them inside and voila, you’ve got a beautiful classy table piece. String fairy lights through plants as well. Avoid live candles in case of accidents -you could use battery operated tea lights in colourful holders instead.

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Make sure you create a mixed playlist of new and old, Bollywood and Hollywood, Sufi and Hip Hop, with separate folders for different times during the party. Start with some lounge music. There’s nothing like Bollywood to get the party started so when you feel your guests are ready to hit the dance floor, play that. Choose some soothing Sufi tunes for later.

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If you don’t want to dance, make sure you have some activity planned. You could play a board game or any other game (such as charades or the good old Antakshari), or get in a musician to croon or a comic to entertain your guests, or even do an activity such as a new year guided meditation.

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6. Kick off those heels:

As the night starts winding up, your guests (especially the women) will long to kick off their towering heels and get comfortable. This is a great time to place baskets of flip flops around, so guests can ease their aching feet into flats. If you’re feeling indulgent, call in some masseuses to give your guests foot rubs. They will be very grateful!

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Whatever you do, however you party, here’s wishing you a year of peace, happiness, health and wealth!

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