The Best Air Purifiers To Help Your Family Breathe Easy

With pollution levels escalating all over the country, investing in a good air purifier could be just what you need to keep your family healthy. Check out the list of air purifiers you should buy for your home.

The air pollution in our country, especially in the country’s capital New Delhi is actually appalling. Delhi which has a population of almost 20 million people, is among the world’s most polluted cities according to the World Health Organisation. The other cities in the country aren’t far behind. 

The officials are struggling to clean up a toxic cocktail of dust, smoke and gases that are part of the air we breathe. The condition becomes bad every autumn and winter when the city records higher levels of air pollution. Mostly because of farmers burning crop stalks in neighbouring states and atmospheric changes. And the automobile pollution is only helping to make things worse in every metro. 

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Now there are a number of indoor plants that we can use to better the air quality in our homes. But an air purifier has the power to eliminate those deadly particles suspended in the air.

We’ve curated a list of air purifiers that you should buy for your home so that your loved and you can breathe easier  

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