The Best Books For Your Baby’s First Year

Build your baby’s first bookshelf with these gems!

Isn’t weird and confusing to know that you can read to your baby from the time they are born? Strange but true! It’s very much recommended to read to your baby very early to help raise them to be a book lover.

It’s a one on one activity where they get to hear our voice and also serves as a great opportunity for parent-child bonding. Reading to babies helps them see and hear what is around them, and helps them to respond back. When we start reading to them very early, they won’t see that as a chore when they grow up and will enjoy reading once they are old enough to read by themselves.

Here is my recommendation of the best books you must get your little ones 0-1 year old.  Scroll down to see if you have added these books to your child’s library.

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